Love can blossom anywhere and love can fade out, too, anywhere. To keep the passion of love going, there’s nothing better than a short spa break — a sensuous spa that soothes the senses and brings you back on the journey to eternal love. And to prepare for that journey there’s nothing better than a bath and a body scrub on side-by-side tables — the YAO therapy. As you lie in the tub, thoughts naturally take on a wondrous glow.

For those jet-lagged, it helps with relaxing and feeling divine. One can reach here within no time, get the body back in shape and go back to adventure the city.

For a couple, it’s wonderful spa experience to calm the frayed nerves, to enhance the zest for life and to continue the journey with new-found love. And for that extra glow in your life, you can also get aromatherapy massages and facials.

This amazing spa located at the heart of the city takes you to various levels of experience —from welcoming to rejuvenation, relaxation and replenishment. All this to achieve the equilibrium between body, mind and soul.

Relaxation — that promises a heavenly experience with many massage options, including deep tissue, anti-stress, Swedish, Indian head massage and Chinese traditional herb treatments.

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