Spa vacations: Get the massage

Prince Charles’s wife Camilla flew into India a week before the Commonwealth Games for an ayurvedic rejuvenation package at a spa in Bangalore’s Whitefield suburbs . It was a combination of yoga, meditation, ayurveda and other traditional forms of therapy for the Duchess of Cornwall at Soukya Holistic Health Centre where she stayed in the [...]

Decoding Detoxification

Instant weight loss! Improved appearance! Mental and emotional balance! A near-bionic immune system! It’s impossible to have missed the detox trend – and its promised benefits — that has exploded over the last few years. With so much hype surrounding the practice, and so many “detox aids” on the market — from juices to powders [...]


Love can blossom anywhere and love can fade out, too, anywhere. To keep the passion of love going, there’s nothing better than a short spa break — a sensuous spa that soothes the senses and brings you back on the journey to eternal love. And to prepare for that journey there’s nothing better than a [...]